Bridal & Wedding Services:

*For a formal quote for your wedding, please visit the “Request a Quote* page.

Bridal Makeup Application (60 Mins): Includes luxury skin care application, a professional application of long wearing, photo-ready makeup, strip lashes and a complementary touch up kit.  

Wedding Attendant Makeup Application (45 Mins): Skin is prepped and makeup is applied to ensure that your guests look their best in every photograph, as well as in person.  Lashes are not included, but are an optional add-on to this service.

Junior Wedding Attendant (Ages 12 & Under. 20 Mins): Light makeup is applied to maintain a gorgeous, age-appropriate look.  This includes tinted moisturizer, powder, blush, a light application of eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss.  If a heavier look is desired, the attendant will be charged as an adult.

Bridal Makeup Trial (2 Hours):  After discussing your wedding colors, inspiration photos, skin type and hairstyle choices, we will work together until we find the perfect look for your wedding day to bring forward the most confident, glamorous version of yourself.  No two people are the same, so your makeup should highlight your best features and compliment you on your special day.

On Site Touch-Up Services (Charged Hourly): Touch-up services can be provided throughout your special day, to ensure that you and your bridal party continue to look flawless throughout the day, even after a few drinks and dancing.

Tattoo Coverage (Time Varies): Trial required.  100% coverage not guaranteed, but it depends on the color and size tattoo and the location on the body.  

Male Grooming (20-30 Mins): Includes light grooming of the eyebrows, beard or moustache.  Skin will be taken care of to care for dry skin, or to prevent oil or sweat from building up and creating excess shine in pictures. Light, natural looking makeup can optionally be applied to even out skin tone and look undetectable in person.