Bridal Trial:

Bridal Makeup Trial (2 Hours):  After discussing your wedding colors, inspiration photos, skin type and hair style choices, we will work together until we find the perfect look for your wedding day to bring forward the most confident, glamorous version of yourself.  No two people are the same, so your makeup should highlight your best features and compliment you on your special day.

Tips to Make the Best of Your Bridal Trial:

-DO come prepared! Bring plenty of images with you to use for reference and try to decide what you like about each image. Try to find pictures where the model is similar in skin tone/features to you, for the best idea of what it would actually look like on you.

-DO come with pictures of your dress and how you plan to have your hair done!  This will give us the closest idea of how you’ll look the day of the wedding.

-DO wear white to your trial! Seeing everything done in the color you’ll be wearing makes it easier to visualize yourself in your wedding dress.  Bring your veil if you have it, too!

-DO bring some of your favorite makeup, especially lipsticks! This will make it easier to identify which colors you’re the most comfortable in and where your preferences lie.  

-DO take care of your skin! The better condition your skin is in, the better the makeup will sit, especially if you were planning on a skincare regimen leading up on the big day.

-DON’T bring a friend, and if you do bring someone, don’t make it any more than one person.  It’s your special day, if you want your makeup a certain way, allow yourself to see it on yourself and decide if you love it first without the opinions of others.  

-DON’T wait until the last minute! Booking your trial is the first step in booking your wedding, and the wedding date isn’t secure until you’ve signed a contract and made your deposit.  Certain times of year book faster than others, so definitely schedule the trial early to get a move on booking!