Lash Services

Lash Services:

Lash Lift (60 Mins): Gives beautiful lift to your natural eyelashes, even through a shower or swimming.  Formaldehyde-free and hypo-allergenic. Makes lashes appear longer without extensions, with no aftercare or upkeep necessary.  Suitable for long or short eyelashes. Lasts 5-7 weeks, and can not be redone more than every 8 weeks. You must not wear makeup or wet the lashes for 24 hours after the service.  Arrive with no eye makeup on and clean lashes.

Semi-Permanent Mascara (30 Mins): Formaldehyde-free, hypoallergenic, flexible, smudge and waterproof coating that gives a similar effect to mascara, typically for 7-10 days.  Perfect for a vacation! The coating can be applied to both top and bottom lashes, following a lift or on its own.

Bottom Lash Semi-Permanent Mascara (20 Mins): Perfect for those who already have lash extensions to balance the look of the eyes.